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Brenda Moore - Obituary

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Brenda Naomi MOORE (née Bassett) 1931 - 2023

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We would like to pay tribute to the late Brenda Moore, a former long-serving Trustee and dedicated Volunteer, who recently died at the age of 91 years.

Born in Kegworth and a lifelong resident, Brenda cared deeply for her community, keenly involved herself in village activities, and was passionate about local history and heritage. She played a pivotal part in establishing Kegworth Museum. With her enthusiasm, drive, determination and in her role as Secretary of the Kegworth Village Association (KVA), Brenda was instrumental in the acquisition of premises for a village museum, after a prolonged process fraught with difficulties. Then came all the effort and hard work necessary to prepare the building and exhibits before the doors could be opened to the public in 1992.

Brenda worked tirelessly on behalf of KVA and the Museum, organising a multitude of events both within the museum premises and externally in the community. She was responsible for reviving a Mediaeval Charter for the holding of a village market, and for many years organised the Easter Market held annually in the Market Place. Her Village Guided Walks were renowned, and people turned to her as a fount of knowledge on village history.

On a more day-to day basis, Brenda’s devoted volunteering covered all aspects of museum work, but her forté was in display and exhibition, attracting many favourable comments from visitors. She was creative and artistic, with an eye for detail and a love of the theatrical.

Brenda remained as Museum Secretary, Trustee and Volunteer after the eventual demise of KVA. She retired as a Trustee and Volunteer in 2018, having retired as Secretary a number of years previously but still proficient in her Pitman Shorthand skills!

A great debt of gratitude is owed to Brenda by Kegworth Heritage Centre and its patrons through her legacy of an invaluable contribution to promoting and preserving our community’s past.

Sincere Condolences to Brenda’s family and friends.