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For many years KHC has been able to provide a limited amount of support helping people with queries about families and places of interest in the village. We know that people have found this both useful and valuable and it is a service that we wish to continue to provide.

For the time being, we regret that we must temporarily withdraw this support. The reasons for this are:

  1. Much of the information is stored in physical archives within the museum and as a result of the continued disruption caused by the refurbishment these archives are not as accessible as previously
  1. As KHC Trustees, our highest priority is to get the museum up and running and reopened. Because there are so few of us we need to have all-hands dedicated to this activity
  1. Our existing mechanism for accepting such requests and other support information has been overrun by spammers and we need to rethink the way we operate the feedback/support system. To that end, the feedback and mailing options previously available on this site have temporarily been disabled

Once we are operational again, please be assured that we will resume this service as it is an integral part of our vision. Until then, the Kegworth Remembered (a partnership with Kegworth Heritage Centre) Facebook group is an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful source of information and someone in that community may well be able to help you out!

Thank you for understanding.