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Our last big infrastructure investment for the Kegworth Heritage Centre was installed yesterday (Saturday 18th July) and we now have a ‘state of the art’ (relatively speaking) heating system in place. Along with the new floors and windows, this completes the trio of big building projects the Trustees had targeted to deliver since they took over the watch in 2018.

It’s taken quite a long time to complete the work but hard work and patience has paid off. The initial work on the floor showed much bigger problems than we were first aware of which delayed the remainder of the plan. But the boost in funding from the Michael Bishop foundation and other sources at least gave us the ability to budget for the additional improvements. Even putting the new window in place was delayed because of planning issues that were not previously a problem, and it’s taken a while to finalise the heating because of the lockdown and getting the experts in to do the necessary surveys. We also had a difficult decision to make in choosing the most appropriate heating system, especially given the costs involved.

Greenvision Energy have been very supportive throughout our discussions and eventually we chose them to supply the Dimplex Quantum RR system using a mixture of storage heaters and radiators. These can be controlled from the HC directly or remotely. With the sealed flooring and the new double glazed windows we should be much more energy efficient which will then help reduce our on-going operating costs.

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As mentioned in the last update, the work to replace the ground floor of the Heritage Centre finally began on the 26th December. A local Kegworth firm, Brothers Building Contractors, started the laborious process of digging up the existing concrete, wood and some other interesting organic material, ready to replace it with a new stone sub-base, insulation, damp proof membrane and a final layer of concrete.

We are now looking at quotes for a new purpose designed floor covering which is to withstand the pitter patter of many tiny feet, as well as provide a suitable barrier between the concrete and the collection. The Heritage Centre will remain closed and out of bounds to non-building personnel) for the immediate future.

The trustees are especially grateful for the assistance provided by Geoff Powell in helping get the site ready for the builders to start - neither a pleasant or trivial task as it turned out!

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The long awaited building work to replace the downstairs floor is scheduled to start on November 26th. This has been the highest priority for the trustees and the biggest obstacle in being able to reopen Kegworth Heritage Centre on a regular basis. We are delighted that the work will be completed this year and enable us to start thinking about the future on a more stable footing!
The Annual Ghost Walk proved as popular as ever this year. In the end 20 people attended. Some extra fun was provided by members of Kegworth Young Players Association who braved the elements to play the spooks.
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DID YOU KNOW? Kegworth Heritage Centre can assist you in tracing your family history. We have many records, including Churchyard plans. (This only applies to local families - if you originate from Ulan Bator or even Leicester, you're on your own!)

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Many of you will be aware of our partnership with the Kegworth Remembered Group on Facebook. The group is administered by one of our trustees, Phil Stevens, and contains over a thousand photographs of Kegworth people and events going back through the generations. Some of the photos are from the museum, but most have been submitted by Kegworth people and are of their families, friends, events and memories.

Past Events

KHC Annual General Meeting
The KHC Annual General Meeting
KHC Annual Big Village Walk
The KHC Annual Big Village Walk
KHC Ghost walk
The traditional annual Haunted Kegworth walk.
Hello, Heritage
KHC Special opening as part of the NW Leicestershire Hello Heritage season. Open from 10:00 until 15:30 with a talk on The History of Photography and Photography in Kegworth starting at 13:00
Hello, Heritage
KHC Special opening as part of the NW Leicestershire Hello Heritage season. Open from 10:00 until 15:30. Poetry workshop for children from 10:30 until 12:30.

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